OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE SCHOOL recognizes and accepts its missionary responsibility to provide quality education and
faith-based education for students of all cultures who live in the Hispanic enclave of Southeast Chicago.
OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE SCHOOL recognizes parents as the primary educators of children.  We strive to assist parents by
our dedication to the education of the total person.  We will provide opportunities for all students to take advantage of the programs
and counseling which will prepare them for higher education.  Our Lady of Guadalupe School will recognize and respect the bilingual
and multicultural heritage of all families.  

Goal:        To provide for the integral education of each student by:
            Offering religious education for students, families, and the entire faith community
            Respecting and celebrating the multicultural heritage of the school members
            Promoting family unity in the development of faith, literacy, and matters of justice.

Goal:  To create an atmosphere of Catholic faith by:

            Providing instruction in the Catholic faith
            Providing opportunities for students to participate in the preparation of liturgy
            Promoting an environment in which all persons are treated with respect.

Goal:   To provide a high-quality academic education by:

            Challenging students to become independent and responsible learners
            Teaching and modeling organizational skills
            Providing education experiences that actively engage students in the process of learning.

Goal:   To promote care of the earth by:

            Helping students to become aware of the complexity of the interdependence of all created life
            Encouraging respect for all persons and for all of creation.
            Providing education in conflict resolution
            Providing opportunities for esthetic experiences and appreciation of the arts.
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disciples of Jesus Christ.  With Hispanic heritage and Catholic tradition as their firm foundation, each member moves forward with trust in God and
dependence on one another within the community of faith.  Quality education and faith development are intricately entwined in the formation of
students who are educated to become the Christian and civic leaders of the future.