Our Lady of Guadalupe School
Ballet Folklorico
Our Lady of Guadalupe Ballet Folklórico is an after school program offered to our students from 1st to 8th
grade. This program is open to girls and boys who are interested in learning the arts and culture of Mexican
Folkloric Dance. The students are provided with costumes for all the regional dances they are taught.

The Ballet Folklórico have been invited to dance a various colleges, universities and libraries in and around the
Chicago area.
Brief History
have been passed down through generations that still practice them. After the Spanish Conquest, a great
influence from Europe changed some aspects of the dance. Mixing the cultures brought new styles that were
of life. Ancient civilizations like the Aztecs, Mayas, and Teotihuacan's practiced dancing for different purposes.
They danced during religious ceremonies, festivities, rituals, or just as a way of expression. Their traditions
very characteristics of specific regions of the country where they were created. Social, political and religious
changes in the country directly affect the cultural traditions of Mexico. Each one was like a step in changing
the esthetics of music and dance focusing on the particularities from each era. The different collections of
music and dance are  reflections of all these influences in the artistic manifestations that are performed by the
O.L.G. Folkloric Dancers.